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The Council connects international buyers with appropriate suppliers and facilitates interaction that enables them to source their specific needs.  It also provides information on India's competitive advantages, its export environment and updated position in the global market place.

Texprocil provides regular updates on international product trends, trade related issues, advances in technology and the latest developments in the industry, as well as existing and emerging markets.  It also undertakes regular market research, organises participation in international trade fairs, holds its own Buyer Seller Meets and facilitates international trade missions in India and other countries.

The Council enables better understanding of Indian and International trade policies, emerging trade issues, social and environmental compliances, quality management and sustainable business practices.


The Council promotes exports of -

  • Raw Cotton

  • Cotton Yarns and Blended Yarns (50% or more cotton) Grey and Processed ( doubled, gassed, mercerized, dyed, melange); Cotton and Blended (50% plus cotton)

  • Woven and Knitted fabrics , Grey and Processed

  • Home Textiles ( Bed linen, Kitchen linen, Bath towels and Other linen)

  • Technical textiles ( Protective, Performance, Medical and Geo textiles)


TEXPROCIL membership base includes very large vertically integrated mills with billions of dollar turnover to small units in the rural areas making specialty products. The Council provides export promotional services to over 3,000 members including composite mills, spinning units, weaving units, knitting units, process houses and merchant exporters; showcasing a dazzling array of cotton textile products across the value chain...!!



External Activities

For the foreign buyer, TEXPROCIL has opened a wide array of yarns, fabrics and madeups, including home textiles in all its splendor, and has become a major source of supply of these items. Other activities include -

  • Organizing fairs, Buyer Seller Meets and Overseas Trade Delegations

  • Giving information to overseas customers about Indian companies when asked

  • Market information, trends and forecasts

  • Identification of potential new markets and seeding the export activity through delegations

  • Defending Indian exporters from non tariff barriers , anti subsidy investigations etc

Internal Activities

For the Indian exporters it has made available opportunities to trade that exist across the globe. Other activities include

  • Working with Indian Government on export promotion policies

  • Providing Industry data on duties and taxes suffered with documentary evidence to arrange refund of the same after exports through well thought out draw back mechanism

  • Assisting the Government in bilateral negotiations bringing to the table the domestic perspective

  • Help members understand the various procedures and policies of the Government

  • Help members reach out to customers through the various export promotion efforts undertaken

  • Provide data and trends in Export/Import

TEXPROCIL has successfully established the presence of the Indian Textiles Industry as a reliable source of cotton textiles in the international markets. The increased quantum of exports and the diversification of existing markets bear the testimony to the success of TEXPROCIL!

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